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Intentionally designed multi-platform flutter apps for enterprises with radically awesome ideas.

Pardon my manners. My name’s Chethan. In the business, suit-wearing folks refer to me as a Flutter engineer or software consultant. I must say that I find these labels quite superficial because it chalks down my entire skill-set to “he’s great at coding”. Successful projects are more than bricking up a wall of code. They are made of great passion and intent.

After over 12 years in app dev and 3000+ hours of product strategy, design and UX, I can confidently say this ~ intentional design doesn’t mean stringing pretty designs together with trendy features to pass it off as a (barely) functional app. To me, building with intent is to foster authentic, human-centered design experiences that matter to your audience... to uphold best practices and proactively recommend innovative solutions where current architecture lacks... and to build with a focus on delivering long-term value to you, and your customers. Ultimately, I strive to command higher expectations from my clients.

But why do more than what I’m paid?

I ask myself this from time to time. It did get me wondering if this is the right way to run a business. Well, it is. Because, if you remove the fancy titles and double-breasted coats, I’m just a guy who wants to make people happy through his craft. Your success rides on your users’ satisfaction. I always ensure I set enough time aside to invest my 1000% in every app experience I design for them. By making your users happy and happy users happier, you will walk off with a more profitable business, happier teams, happier wallets and a happier you. That is the greatest reward I could ever ask for.

Now the onus is on you to decide if you want to sprint or walk in this digital race.

Sprint? I’m here to help you gain traction in your app launch. From planning and design to testing and deployment, you’ll never feel like you’re treading in open waters. I’ll guide you every step of the way, offer experienced advice, and pave a clear path toward your goals.

Prefer walking? You can find many people on the sidelines who are great at coding.

Radically awesome companies I’ve worked with.

Enterprises and fresh startups come to me to get their app dev needs fulfilled. I’ve worked on projects in virtually every industry under the sun. Throw me any dev-related problem and I’ll design a bespoke solution for it.

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Have a peek at my work process.

My clients find our partnerships successful because of three things - clarity, communication, and cooperation. Before I onboard you as a client I will assess your business goals in both the short-term and long-haul, to see if I’m the right guy for you.

Then, we’ll get crystal clear on your product scope and long-term roadmap. I know exactly what questions to ask (which you may or may not be prepared for) and why they matter. I keep all our discussions open-ended so we can uncover greater opportunities and spark better conversations about your app. You can stride with confidence in my lead, even more so when you need direction or assurance you are in the right direction.

Working with me, you’ll never have to wait for your turn. You have my undivided attention from when we first touch base until we shake hands and part ways. During our partnership, you can expect progress reports from me every 1-2 days. I like to keep my clients on track with the project so I can get your feedback as we go and adapt accordingly. Above all, I strive to get you the most out of every cent you invest in me. Or else, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. I don’t believe in delivering less than what I’m paid. I just don’t see myself running my business any other way.

You see, there’s a stark contrast between a developer who knows what to do and a developer who knows why. I’ll let you decide which league I fall under. But my clients seem to gravitate towards the latter…

"How can you help me?"

I am a master of all things Flutter. Heading multiple large-scope projects for clients across the world and offering mobile app consulting for 12+ years poises me with the skills, experience, and acumen to realize your awesome idea (no chest-thumping intended). May I add that I’m pretty well known in the wild wild west of app development for founding the LinkedIn group - Hire Flutter Developer, a tight-knit community of flutter experts and rising talents hungry to make their mark on the digital world.

So if your project requires anything beyond my expertise, I know who to call.

Whether you just have a rough idea, an app in the making, or a full-fledged app already up and running that needs refining, I can help you. Most clients get me to oversee their end-to-end dev including product planning, development, automated testing, CI/CD and app launch. Others tend to stick with me even after working on something small together.

Companies usually hire me for one or a combination of these...

Full-stack development.

I will build a full-fledged app on Flutter and integrate it with AWS/GCP backend. Covers the front-end, back-end, and APIs. You just need to show up with an idea.

Front-end development.

I will develop your app on Flutter and integrate it with your backend. Covers the front-end only. You bring the backend and APIs.

Native app migration.

I will collaborate with your mobile app team to migrate your native apps to Flutter. Perfect for apps written in SWIFT, Objective C, and Java.

Code assessment.

I will review your existing code, identify errors, mitigate roadblocks, suggest best practices and implement changes.

Why I show up to work every day.

It’s an understatement to say that they’re the best clients who’ve ever graced
the planet. Knowing that my work has impacted their lives in some great way,
is what gets me excited about what I do.

Take that awesome app idea out of the backburner.

I love working with radically awesome companies doing radically awesome things.
So let’s hop on a free discovery call today.


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